February 2nd, 2011

AP Mini Party! We want to have one too!

Sorry we couldn't update on the blog this past few days!


The store was closed on 01/30/11 for the Angelic Pretty Mini Party 

We had a great time at the party!!



When could Harajuku Hearts have a party too!??。・"(>0<)" 

We are planning to do a Mini Party too, but we are little worried if people would come :(

Tea Parties are a necessary for Lolita Fashion,

but the other fashions...

We are thinking of just having a party where you could wear any Japanese brand clothes.

Or maybe a tea party with Gothic fashion.

Or go to a live concert with everybody that wears Punk, Rock.

Please tell us what you think would be the best event that everybody will enjoy!

We will be waiting for your advise!

Thank you!! ☆^▽^☆