February 27th, 2011

Blog Theme Changed & SPR T-shirt Fair!!

As you noticed, the Blg Theme changed!!
Is it hard to read?
Did you like the previous blog better?
Please tell us your thoughts!

SPR T-shirt Fair
Let us introduce new arrival items from Sex Pot Revenge!!!

Please enjoy the unique and creative messages on the sex pot print t-shirts!!


Gachapin & Mukku x Sex Pot collaboration item!!

Both Gachapin and Mukku are very popular idols in Japanese TV show.

Originally, they are sooo cute, but they became sooo funky since they collaborated with Sex pot!!

"BAIL OUT WAKKY BRAIN" is not just an irony.
It is the best way to praise the brand concept " punk power by the roadside "

Sex Pot mixes their identity into the classical punk style.

This T-shirt shows the origin of Punk Rock!!


Here comes the crazy Panda couple!!!

The t-shirt shows black humor in the design.


One of the new design for the popular cute killer series.

Bukkoro the Bomber!!

Drawing smile face on his favorite bomb,

cannot wait to see the color of explosion

He may explode himself oneday!?