July 10th, 2011

Japanese Deco Gel Nails


A little exciting announcement!

In a little section of our physical store in San Francisco, we started doing nail service!
The service will go on until September 2011!


Seiko san is a specialist in doing Japanese Deco Gel Nails.

The price range is $20 and up.

If you purchase $25 or more from our store (Angelic Pretty, Harajuku Hearts),
you will receive 20% OFF her service ^v^

These are some of the deco nails she made.
There are many other styles she could do, so you could request your very own style!

One of our staff, Yuri, got her nails done today!
She is very happy of the work done ^v^

You could call us at 415-788-0862, or email us at info@harajukuhearts.com
to make an appointment.

【★тндйκ чoμ.゚+。☆ 】ョ´∀`)ゥフ♪