August 11th, 2011

Item Intro :D

Hello~ (*)
Today I would like to introduce to you . . .

Fun fact: Chantilly does NOT get their bonnets mass produced, each one is handmade by the designer herself.

So they never come out exactly the same,
each one is one of a kind.

We were lucky to get our hands on three different kinds )

One the most popular bonnets from Chantilly!!
Even without a bright color, the bold black and white diamond prints still make a statement.
To not take away from the print, she uses just the right amount
of black small rose lace around the brim , and a strip of large
black lace on the top of the bonnet. Don't forget the cute bow on the side!
A bright red diamond print with contrasting stripes,
this will catch anyone's eye.

For trim she uses a lot of white small rose shaped lace,
and lets not forget that amazing ribbon on the side!
Just with the use of different size stripes, draws attention.

Just because this bonnet is all black,
doesn't mean she cuts back on the details!!


There is a very large volume of scalloped laser cut lace on the inside,
and a generous amount of black small rose lace used as trim inside and out.
The large rose lace on the outer top of the bonnet is beautiful.
(This picture does not do this bonnet justice!!)

They all have alarge/wide brim, that is
every complimenting to almost any face shape.
Great with the mori dolly type hair.

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Thank you!! 。゚+.