August 24th, 2011

Something Special

☆ Drum roll please~ . . . . (ツ*≧▽≦)ツ”。

Today we have something speical to share with you!!

We got a personal message from the DESIGNER of CHANTILLY,
dedicated to all of you~♪

Being an upcoming fashoin brand, she wanted to share her goals,
inspiration, and what she wants her brand to represent.

『”Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                 

           Lately within the Lolita fashion, there are many different brands
with their own aesthetic, geared towards a specofoc style of Lolita like over
the top sweet, classic, hime just to name a few. Chantilly is a classic Lolita
brand, but it is also a Gothic, and even sweet. I feel it is a mix of many          
different styles, a brand that cannot be placed under one category.               

When someone has a Chantilly dress or accessory, and
they think " I want to wear a really cute coordinate today" they can. Then      
another day, they can take the same item(s) and have a classical                 
coordinate, or Gothic coordinate. I would like my customers to be able to    
think of a style they want to wear that day, and have the clothes conform to 
that style.                                                                                                                    

       A fashoin, a brand born in Japan, I want it to spread around
the world to all of the people who love, and want to wear "kawaii." I would
like to keep designing and creating items that would bring happiness      
and smiles to all of those who wear it.                                                             

Chantilly Designer"』                                         

Even though the distance between
the designer and the customer is very far.

Harajuku Hearts would like to help provide
as much of a personal relationship as possible.

Thank you all for the support,
and we hope that you will continue
to support not just us, but the brands we support.