October 30th, 2011

Chantilly, Chantilly and Novelty Fair!!

Great News (/^ ^)/

We got a huge new shipment from Chantilly!!

There are a bunch of dresses in variety of colors, silhouettes,

and even some with gorgeous prints.

And by popular demand, we have restocked popular colors

of the diamond print OTK socks, and new colors have come in too!

But the BIGGEST news of all is . . . .
Chantilly will be doing a New Years Card Fair!

It's not like a regular "novelty" fair.

You actually get a handwritten

new years card directly from the designer herself!!

  To Qualify:
* You will have to make a purchase of over $250
The $250 can accumulated from separate

purchases over the span of 30 days.

e.g. If you make a $100 purchase on Nov. 1st, and $150 on Nov 15th you will qualify.

 The purchases must be made between Oct 25th to Dec 30th.