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Quick PUTUMAYO Group Order!

Conducting Quick Putumayo GO from 06/02/12 (Sat) - 06/06/2012 (Wed) 10PM PST.
Harajuku Hearts' past feedback : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/188945.html

We are an authorized retailer of Putumayo! http://www.putumayo-home.com/overseas-stores.html

Please visit http://www.putumayo-home.com/putumayo.html to view the items you want to order.
If you want to browse by category:
Cutsew: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-cut/index.htm
Parka: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-pk/index.htm
Blouse: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-bl/index.htm
Knit: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-knit/index.htm
Bottoms: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-sk/index.htm
Onepiece: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-op/index.htm

There would be a 10% fee added to the retail price to cover shipping from Japan to US.

If you make a purchase over $200, it will be FREE SHIPPING within the US and DISCOUNTED SHIPPING price for International shipping.
If you pick up at our physical store, there will be no shipping fee!
Address: 15 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

★You can also pick up at AM2 (Aneheim Convention Center) if you live near Los Angeles during 6/15/12 ~ 6/17/12★

We will invoice you after we confirm stock with Putumayo. Estimated shipout date (from our store in San Francisco to you) will be around 06/15/12.

Please list the item link, item color, quantity, your state & country and pp address
For example if you want:

Item link:
Color: Black Qty: 1  CA USA, info@harajukuhearts.com

Item link:
Color: Lavendar Qty: 1  CA USA, info@harajukuhearts.com

Item link:
Color: White Qty: 1  CA USA, info@harajukuhearts.com

If you have any questions, please comment or send an email to info@harajukuhearts.com

Thank you,
Harajuku Hearts
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